GEM Pack Berries

Growers who focus on quality, safety, and consistency of supply

Eco-friendly and climate-smart agricultural practices in the fields

Market excellence to provide a memorable customer experience

Why Everybody Loves Our Berries


GEM-Pack growers are careful stewards of their farmlands who embrace sustainable practices with every aspect of their cultivation.


The Founding Members of GEM-Pack have over 130 collective seasons of California strawberry growing expertise. They recognize that the success of the farmer is tied to the proficiency of the harvest.


Each of our three founding families has centuries of ancestors skilled in the practices of cultivating plants and raising animals.

Meet GEM Pack!

Although you might not be familiar with the descriptive name and label of GEM-Pack Berries, the Founding Families are well-known produce industry pioneers. Their commitment to fresh produce excellence has propelled them through over 70 years of dependable marketplace presence and continuous, uninterrupted sales relationships that span 3 generations. We believe that our growers, retailers, and consumers (from farm to table) are partners in a valuable bond of trust… so that when you see and enjoy the ‘gem-like’ perfection of our strawberries and other products, you are participating in a long tradition of reliable and joy-giving sustenance!

Always Available

Available year round at these fine grocers and various other locations!